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Biblical downpour hits Britain. Electrify firers hit it back!

Rain is not a problem for the heroic firers of Electrify What was described by many as “biblical” rain hit Britain over the Bonfire week. Rainfall as high as 40mm shocked the public of Britain but, the Electrify firers fought on!      Armed with their coats, wellies...

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Fundraising for Cash-Strapped Schools

I read an interesting article this week on the state of our schools and the funding situation that many schools currently face.  The article said that almost half (49%) of parents of children at state schools had been asked for an extra financial donation to their...

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Top 10 Tips for your Wedding Fireworks Display

If you love fireworks (and who doesn’t) then why not finish your wedding day with a fabulous wedding firework display? Fireworks personify celebration – it announces to the world that you’ve got something to celebrate by painting the sky with bursts of beautiful...

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Top Tips for Firework Photography

Ready Steady Go - Top Tips to get you started in Firework Photography by Rob Watling It’s not easy to take photos of fireworks, but with a bit of planning and some luck you will get great results. I’ve been practising for years, and have had my work featured in the...

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Electrify On Tour – Valencia Las Fallas

This March saw 10 of the Electrify team go on a short break away to Valencia, home to the Las Fallas festival.  Las Fallas (which literally translates into “The Faults”) is a celebration in commemoration of St Joseph and the coming of Spring. It didn’t feel very...

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Top 10 Bonfire Night Tips

  Electrify Pyrotechnics' Top 10 Bonfire Night Tips It only seems five minutes ago since it was summer and we were all having barbecues and drinking Prosecco in the garden.  Suddenly it’s Autumn, the nights are closing in and Bonfire Night is almost upon us.  So with...

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